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I’m breaking free. February 8, 2014

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I'm breaking free.

I’ve always actively avoided art therapy because I’ve long been  too shy to show my lack of artistic talent. That said, I have recently found that arts and crafts do help me calm my mind and uncover my motivation when it seems to be M.I.A., so why would I deny myself that tool? To me, this sketch symbolizes my effort to break free of my eating disordered past, stripping away the old habits and thoughts, and discovering the soul underneath the chaos that has taken over my body (and, thus, my life) for so long.


4 Responses to “I’m breaking free.”

  1. “lack of artistic comment”? This is beautiful, and so symbolic! As soon as I saw it, it made me think of my own recovery as well. I’m glad this helped you to express yourself

  2. this is beautiful. It touches my heart. Maybe that’s just ’cause it’s 2 in the morning, and my heart is overly emotional because my defenses are asleep… but I think it’s beautiful. It captures the emotion of breaking free really well. I love it. ( :

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